Ennis Business Network

Building Stronger Relationships through Networking

About Us

“We believe that together is better” this is the founding principle of the Ennis Business Network

We are a community of local business owners who meet weekly to share our expert knowledge and ideas and to support the personal and professional development of our members through networking and training events.

All of our members are experts in their fields. We refer and win business through a shared commitment to provide outstanding customer service and professionalism.

We welcome visitors who represent business categories not already covered, to find out more click below.

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If you would like to find out more information about the Ennis Business Network and how it can help your business, just send us an email and we will contact you.

COVID Support Information

COVID Support Information

List of sites to visit for support informationdbei.gov.iewww.localenterprise.ie/Clarewww.enterprise-Ireland.comfailteireland.iesbci.gov.iemicrofinanceireland.iewww.revenue.iewww.gov.iewww.regionalskills.ie A special thank you to Padraic McElwee (Head of Enterprise at...

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Secure your PC with Bitwarden

Secure your PC with Bitwarden

Bitwarden for SME's An introduction how to get started using the Bitwarden browser extension. This extension is available for all major browsers. It is easy to install and will significantly improve your security on the web. There is a free option that should meet the...

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Isobel O’Dea

Brian McMahon

Isobel O’Dea of MMOD Solicitors
is the Ennis Business Network Chairperson.

Training Officer
Clinton Dickerson

Photo of Membership Officer

Clinton Dickerson of Creator SEO
is the Ennis Business Network Training Officer.

Membership Officer
Iggy Duffy

Iggy Duffy

Iggy Duffy of Premium Claims Consultants
is the group’s Membership Officer.

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