Alcohol affects your whole body, so the after-effects of overdoing it can be felt in lots of different parts of our body and brain. 

The public and individual problems associated with alcohol use and abuse are exploding in quantity and intensity. This abuse continues to devastate many lives and families. Initiatives such as sobriety check points aim to create awareness and reduce the harms associated with alcohol impaired driving. This presentation is directed  at the negative effects of alcohol abuse and misuse and the role that health care professional play in creating awareness.

This presentation explains how is alcohol is absorbed, broken down, the factors affecting alcohol absorption, some of its side effects and what causes a hangover.  I also present how drinking alcohol over time can harm your body and the basics involved in the breathalyser test.

L.S. Murillo

L.S. Murillo

Managing Director (Irish registered Medical Scientist)

Dr. L.S. Murillo MLS ACSLM IRL, BSc U.C.R. (Hons Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry), PhD VU Amsterdam (Immunogenetics)
Managing Director (Irish registered Medical Scientist)
64 Upper O’Connell Street
V95 C6C4, Ennis
Co. Clare
tel: 065 6868 494

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