This article provides a step by step process for How to add a review on Google from a mobile device. A separate post will be created on leaving a review on a desktop computer.

Google Reviews are especially important for the visibility of small business and these reviews also help the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of business by increasing the visits to the site and the overall site ranking.

This article provides a short overview into how to leave a review for any business that you believe has done a good job and deserves a positive review.

Google Review from Mobile

This process is the same for Android and iPhone.

Go to Google Maps on the phone

Upload a review to Google Maps
Search for the business that you would like to review

Once you have found the business…

Click on ‘Reviews’

Search for a business to review on Google
Select the number of Stars that the business deserves
(be careful about your rating because can have a significant impact on a small business)
Rate and Review a company on Google
Enter comments about the reasons for your star rating

Press Post

That’s it… You have left a review on Google for the business

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