Who says that atomic physics and business networking are totally different?…. Well maybe they are slightly different but there is no reason that business networking can’t learn something from the principle of nuclear fusion even when it is looked at from a layman’s perspective. So here goes…

Networking is a bit like Nuclear Fusion. First there is a float, then there is a pop and finally there is a bang. You need to bring all the elements close enough together to create the bang and the consequent energy release, but when you do, that energy can be quite substantial and can lead to much bigger things. Take the sun for example…

Networking on the web is like a fusion reaction

What is needed to create the fusion reaction?

  • People – the elements
  • Ennis Business Network – bringing the elements together
  • Good Website – reaction environment
  • Social Network – the chain reaction
  • Enthusiasm / commitment / leads – the energy
Fusion Networking


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