Following a survey of current EBN members. There were 14 responses and below is a list of the benefits of being a member of the Ennis Business Network (EBN). The list is not edited and displays the benefits as received on the survey.

  1. Presentation skills, Clarity about describing my business, Support from the group.
  2. Exposure to more targeted clients, referrals, pool of knowledge, new friends.
  3. A fantastic source of business. Relationships and the sharing of knowledge and experience with like minded people. Different aspects of training has been very good. More comfortable standing up to speak to a group. Good social aspect.
  4. Friendship, camaraderie and extra business from members.
  5. Additional Business | Knowledge of who to contact | Fellowship.
  6. General support, education on various topics, comradery and of course business from members.
  7. Getting solid referrals and access to a range of knowledge and experience from fellow members. Providing opportunity for social events and interactions and developing friendships and relationships, helped with developing presentation skills and perfecting communicating more effectively about my business and access to valuable trainings.
  8. Met nice people and have got good contacts for work and personal stuff. Good friendships in the group. Know who to call when needed.
  9. Raised the profile of my business Developed both business and friendly relationships Pool of expertise available within the group.
  10. Learning and sharing experience of more experienced Business owner. Professional teachings or presentations.
  11. More Business- many introductions.
  12. Availing of members advice and expertise. Local knowledge of town business. activities. Social.
  13. Good referrals, good relationships & camaraderie.
  14. Direct Business, Contacts, Information, Advice.
Benefits of membership to the EBN