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I have been a member of EBN for 8  years and had the privilege of being at the Top Table as Chairperson. During this time I have made many new friends and have received a huge number of referrals.

Isobel O'Dea

Partner, MMOD Solicitors LLP

The Wine Buff specialises in artisan wines sourced from small independent winemakers and we have been a member of the Ennis Business Network for more than 10 years

Managing a small company can be an isolating experience, the personal and professional relationships that I have developed within the EBN have provided me with the support and knowledge necessary to develop my business in a highly competitive market. I would recommend membership of the EBN to any business owner seeking to create a presence in County Clare (and beyond!)

Mark Harris

The Wine Buff Ennis

I have been a member of the Ennis Business Network for a number of years.  In addition to the camaraderie and support from like minded members working for themselves, it has been one of my best sources of referrals and new business.

Conor Smith

Insight Life, Pensions & Investments

I joined EBN in 2012 and found the personal support from my fellow members very helpful. As a sole trader, business can be a lonely place. Often a very short conversation with a someone with a shared experience can resolve concerns that may seem intractable, and there is professional help with the bigger issues too. It is great to have a group of specialists I know and trust who can support my office, and in turn I know I can recommend my fellow members to colleagues and friends who need help or services. It is great to get recommendations back, but, for me, it is not the most important benefit.

Paul Conway

Paul Conway Architects

Being a member of the EBN since 2012-13 we can honestly say ‘it works’

At this point I think we have an EBN related job to do almost every second week, be it for an existing member, an old member or from a visitor over the years.

There is always a friendly atmosphere at the meetings without any real pressure to deliver referrals weekly. Not only have we made great business connections in our time with the EBN, we have also made some great friends.

It is well worth the small effort to be involved with such a group.

Conor Chandler

General Manager, Clare Alarms

I have been a member of the Ennis Business Network for more than 10 years. The group has been a tremendous support to my company and to me through the generation of new business, new leads, feedback, ideas and of course social interaction.

While owning and running a small company can be very rewarding, it is often lonely if there few employees. Belonging to a group like the EBN can change this as the members effectively become the people that you can interact with, share thoughts and ideas with or turn to for support. I recommend membership to a group like the EBN to anyone embarking on  the adventure of setting up their own company.

Clinton Dickerson


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