We are a group of business people, who meet Thursday mornings at 7.15am in the Old Ground Hotel. The purpose of the meetings is to build our businesses through referrals. The group is founded on the principle that only one business of each type is represented. By joining the Ennis Business Network, each member is declaring that they carry on their business activities to the highest standard of integrity and honesty.


Members must always show respect and support for fellow members. Issues and matters arising will be dealt with by the Committee and their decision is final.

Members are expected to attend Group Meetings but we recognise that this is not always possible. If neither the member nor a substitute attends for 4 consecutive meetings or is absent for 8 meetings in any 6 month period barring sick leave or similar, the Group has the option to replace the member with another business from that sector.

Members are expected to have one to one meetings with other members of the group in order to build familiarisation with that business and to see how they may each generate leads for one another.

Membership fees are due every 6 months in February and August and should be paid within one month. The appointed Committee will have ultimate discretion on the amount and collection of fees.

One of the aims of the Ennis Business Network (EBN) is to promote the business of its members. To facilitate this, EBN restricts membership to one member per business category. Where a member of EBN is also a member of another networking group, and that membership is in conflict with the stated aims of the EBN, the Committee reserves the right to open the category to which that member belongs to new members.


The Group will have a Committee with a term of office of at least 6 months. This will be formed of:

Chairperson – responsible for chairing the meetings and ensuring that the order of business is observed.

Membership Officer – responsible for keeping track of members and their contact details and ensuring that subscriptions are collected. They will also liaise with visitor mentors to keep in touch with visitors who may be interested in joining the network.

Training Officer – responsible for identifying learning opportunities during the meeting, delivering training presentations and organising any training opportunities, both inside and outside of the structure.


Guests are welcome at meetings and can be invited by the members. They may be potential members, interested only in seeing the process or listening to a particular presentation. Guests can visit up to a maximum of three occasions.

Similar to new members, guests should not be from a sector that is already represented within the group. Any member who wishes to invite a guest and who is unclear as to whether a conflict might exist must check, with all members with whom there may be a conflict and with the Chairperson, before issuing the invitation.

Even if there is no conflict, where an existing member has an issue with a guest looking to join the group, this should be brought to the attention of the Committee, who will have final say.

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