Information needed:

The following information is needed with any presentation that needs to be loaded onto the EBN website.

  • A compelling title – required
  • Text summary to add to the post (1 paragraph) – required
  • Interesting content (ref. previous slide) – required
  • Presentation in .pdf format– required
  • Contact details (although we probably already have these, we would like to cut and paste) – required
  • Link address to your website – optional
  • Logo or post image (if you want us to use one) otherwise we will use your Banner (we have most of these) – optional
  • Message or tagline (to promote your business) – optional

This can be sent to Patrick and/or me and we will load the presentation and other profile data. Please send all the information in a single email message in order to save time for the person loading the content.

This is an opportunity for members to promote their services so the additional content should be created with the end goal of self-promotion in mind. See Nuclear Fusion for Networking for more information.

Ennis Business Network

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