Before joining a group

  • Know what you want. If you don’t, how can you expect others to;
  • Teach your fellow members what to LISTEN out for. You don’t usually have to look, just listen;
  • Focus on what aspect of your business is easiest to get referrals for. Once the door is open, you have an opportunity to upsell.

If you are part of a Group, it is important to be committed.

  • Attend meetings;
  • Return fellow member phone calls, ALWAYS;
  • Attend workshops that are appropriate or suitable;
  • Attend social gatherings. Better relationships can be formed here;
  • Be early, whether for a network event or more importantly for a client meeting.

Know your fellow members.

  • Everyone should have every other member’s mobile number in their phone;
  • You will have regular contact with some members. It is very important to organise coffee breaks with everyone else, two and three times a year;
  • Understand what fellow members are looking for. If it is not clear, ask again;

When you get a referral.

  • NB – it is your reputation AND the referring member’s reputation on the line;
  • Try to have the member ring the client. There is a better chance of success;
  • As soon as is possible, make contact. Introduce yourself and credit the member you received the contact from;
  • Let the referrer know the outcome, good, bad and otherwise. This will also teach you and everyone else what is working;
  • Thank the referrer;
  • Monitor your referrals, know where your business is coming from;

At Meetings.

  • Almost everyone starting out will have a fear of public speaking. Do it often, it gets easier;
  • Prepare your 60 seconds before the meeting;
  • Give your 10 minute presentation the attention it deserves and practice;
  • Focus, be specific in what you are looking for (try not to use the term “anyone”);
  • Mix, don’t always sit in the same place;
  • Mix, don’t always talk to the same few people;
  • If you can help someone out, volunteer don’t wait to be asked;
  • Be open and receptive, especially when talking in groups;
  • When possible, try not to rush off straight away. This is usually the best time to mix and an opportunity to have a speed coffee with those you talk with less often;
  • Volunteer, for training sessions, for the top table and other positions. It boosts your profile and will generate more business;
  • Bring visitors;
  • Give testimonials;
  • Distribute material of interest, but not junk.

Be positive, be present, mix and smile!

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